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Hi, I'm Claire. I grew up surrounded by grass, with green landscapes, the mountain perfume of the swiss countryside and its cows. Pretty much the Heidi dream. Then my curiosity and desire to travel brought me to live other lives, and I loved it. I first moved to Italy exploring the warmth of trattorias in Milan, then enjoyed the cosy loud vibes of London pubs and also experienced the tiniest cafes of the world in Paris. Each one of these places had a different smell, a different light, a different story. I have a deep desire to connect with the world around me, with its stories, and photography allows me just that. To be in harmony with it. 


Image and storytelling. These two elements define me. While humanities opened my mind to different horizons and subjects, photography brought me the best medium of expression. Through the composition of lines, light and time, the ways of photography to narrative are infinite. Passionate by pictures, and with a work background in photography, visual design and digital communication, I know how to give form to your ideas and produce attractive, meaningful content for people and businesses that need to tell their story. On paper and most of all today: online. 


Currently working as freelance photographer specialised in interior and corporate photography across London, Paris and Geneva, I am looking forward to new projects and collaborations. So don't hesitate to get in touch and share ideas you may have, I will be pleased to answer you and work with you on your projects.

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