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Five small stains lost in the blue.


Image of the paradise on earth, the hawaiian islands offer a very complex landscape. Eyes get lost in front of this land of volcanos, wild tropical forests, fascinating blue ocean and stunning infinite beaches of white sand. Next to this sublime landscape, lies an other one. More desolate, abandonned. If the traces of polinesian culture are still visible, the landscape remains signed by an artificial presence and its materialism, leaving us with a feeling of strangeness and perplexity. Hotels, beaches, shops and markets unveil signs of exageration and monotonous repetitivness, passing from the exaltation of the senses to a deep melancholy. 


The signs of this strong duality didn't go unnoticed. In the mid-nineteenth century, The Letters of Mark Twain in 1866 describe a land binded to its traditions in a cloud of tropical splendour, but also, with a strong ironic undertone, a place already projected toward a more squalid future.  


United States, Hawaii - 2014




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