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This corporate project is the result of a collaboration with Censis foundation - Center of social research, on behalf of Farmafactoring bank. Named The New Pilgrims, the project analyses the interaction between the healthcare system and the migratory flue in Italy. In the last twenty years, Italy has faced the increasing phenomenon of migration. The cohabitation that has been gradually building since has left some visible and significant signs within the society. One of these are the places for health and care.


In the italian healthcare structure, the place of worship is usually represented by the christian chapel devoted to the practice of the catholic cult. However, to this day, hospitals emergency rooms, transplant centers, clinics and other healthcare’s places are more and more attended by people from different nations. Because of their nature and function, these places gather in the same space men and women with different culture and belief. Architecture has been changing and adapting itself to new social circumstances, tending to assimilate in their form the new users’ needs and customs.


The healthcare’s structures considered in this project are l’Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda Ca’Grande which includes the hospital and Tulipano’s hospice, the civil hospital of Legnano and the Tumor National Institute. In some of these structures the existings chapels have been subjected to mutations, while others have designed new spaces in order to host different confessions inside the hospital next to the christian ones.

A selection of these pictures is currently exposed at the civil hospital of Legnano (MI).



Milan, Italy - 2014


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