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Connaught kitchens, London, 2015/2016.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the image of company has been particularly emphasized through the website and actions of branding.

The latter has gone trough a series of significant changes at different levels in order to make it more appealing and adequate for the contemporary design industry.

In other words, to valorize more the pictures and make the website cleaner and readable. The most consistent work though has been done on the gallery design. A brand new template created for the photography gallery of the website. The landing page presents pictures of all the different kitchens made by the company. Each one of these opens in to an individual gallery containing a sequence of pictures of the kitchen. This kind of solution as you will see provides a more adequate presentation of interior design work, giving a place to each project and importance to details.


On the branding side, new business cards have been designed to reflect and reinforce the company's identity, sending a message of expertise and bespoke service.

Therefore, two different sets of business cards have been designed: one intended to private clients and an other meant for collaborators and a more professional public such as architects and designers. While the first one emphasizes the elegance of the product, the other one underlines the importance of drawing and design skills in the process. As for the choice of the format, the portrait card reflects the human size of the company who takes the time and adapt itself to each client taste and requirement.

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